The call for participants is open

Registrations for the STARLIGHT project are open. The call, which will close on December 1st January 8th 2023, represents a new training and growth opportunity for young people and professionals interested in the topics of dark skies observation, sustainable tourism, biodiversity and light pollution impact.

STARLIGHT will involve 60 participants to learn scientific notions on astronomy, biodiversity, history and culture, light pollution. They will be then trained to create an innovative business, build experience boxes to be offered to tourists and finally learn how to tell the story of our skies and transform this into a job opportunity.

The course consists of 3 activities, including self-study, webinars and training at residential schools, with enriching exchange with local economic operators and tourism policy makers. The expenses for participation to Residential Schools, such as travel, accommodation, meals and activities, will be covered by the project.

The partnership covers six European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain), which guarantees participants an interdisciplinary experience and a well-balanced training offer.

The available positions are open for two target groups:

  • Young Europeans under 35 years old interested in dark skies, biodiversity and sustainable tourism.  
  • Active touristic operators in one of the following economic sectors: accommodation, gastronomy, travel and tours, destination management and building and experience making.

The call is available at the following link:

CV and motivation letter should be sent no later than 01/12/2022 08/01/2023 to the following e-mail address:

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