Passion of the People

Dive into questions and answers about the stars in science, religion, culture and the arts, and tomorrow’s tourism in Europe:  

  • Why have the stars fascinated human beings for thousands of years?
  • How did our ancestors decode the starry sky, and orient themselves in time and space?
  • Why is light pollution a problem, and what can we do against it? 
  • How can we harness the possibilities of star and nature tourism, and develop the field further?

1.1 Cultural – Historic Access to the Sky and the Stars

1.2 Perception of the Stars in Literature, Theatre, the Arts and Architecture

1.3 Religion and Stars

1.4 Cultural Landscapes and Their Links to the Stars

1.5 Tourism and the Appreciation of the Stars

1.6 Star and Nature Tourism as an Emerging Trend in Tourism

1.7 Light Pollution