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 Decorative Styles

In the previous chapters you have already learned a lot about the use of stars as symbols and metaphors. But it is at least as exciting to realise that beyond their meaning, stars also play a major role as decorative elements. We encounter stars as decoration in many areas and cultures, from Christmas decorations to street pavements. They have thus separated themselves from content and are used because of their uniformity and beauty.

Whether as paper and wall decorations, as lamps and table decorations, small or large, made of all suitable materials, even as cake decorations – anyone who takes the trouble to observe their surroundings closely will be amazed at the abundance of decorative stars. Craft instructions can be found in books and magazines, on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Thousands of images can be found in freely accessible image databases.

Stars in Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts exploration of the star motif ranges from Baroque marquetry to customary works such as Christmas straw stars. Pattern books from the 19th century attest to the high level of craftsmanship involved in making star decorations. Wallpaper and fabric prints bear witness to this, as do paintings on floor tiles and stove tiles.  Individual ethnic groups and regions have produced their own star shapes which have elaborate structures that require knowledge and craftsmanship to be perceived in their complexity (e.g. the German Herrnhuter stars). 

Stars as Style Icons

“Cosmic Bohemian” and “star style” as a contemporary approach to decorations linked to the stars may sound strange but the fascination with stars does not stop at interior design. Whether it’s a fad or not, the interest in star decoration runs through cultural history and makes the star a style icon.

Stars as decoration – Image by ClaudiaPixabay
Stars made of straw – Image by PublicDomainPicturesPixabay
Tile decoration – Image by PrawnyPixabay
Creating stars – Image by Sabrina RipkePixabay
Star motifs -Image by MR1313Pixabay

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